Increasing Your EQ:

A Head Start to Being Heart Smart

In today’s competitive professional environment, emotional intelligence (EQ) is often the difference between reaching the top or falling flat. This course offers attendees the opportunity to assess their individual self-awareness while enhancing their people skills. Techniques for promoting self-regulation and preventing dreaded “filter fails” help equip participants to be better prepared to tackle the challenge of discerning the motivations of others and navigating professional (and personal) interactions towards more successful outcomes.



MS Project: Basic & Advanced

Join us as our master schedulers show you the best practice of MS Project. Students will learn how to create effective WBS’s, estimate and arrange schedules in a logical format as well as use MS Project to show project progress to executives, stakeholders and vendors alike. Spotting scheduling issues, incorporating multiple schedules into a portfolio view and and using macros to make your schedules more effective will be discussed in Day 2.



Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Life presents us with several opportunities, some planned, some unexpected to sit at the proverbial negotiating table. This class utilizes extensive research, real-world examples, hands on exercises and situational roleplaying to equip the student with the innovative negotiation strategies needed to excel at the bargaining table.



The Essential Elements of Project Management

Everything we do in life is a project, whether we are a titled Project Manager or not but how can project management be utilized in everyday life (both personal and work) to make us more effective. Through fun, hands-on exercises and real world examples and anecdotes, Arrowhead’s PM Primer class teaches students the fundamentals of project management while showcasing easily, implementable best practices to bring out the best PM in all of us.



PMP® Exam Prep


Guided by PMP® certified instructors, Arrowhead’s Exam Prep course balances 4-days of interactive lecture with hands-on exercises designed to maximize learning retention for the busy project professional, and a final half-day workshop to review specifc questions and concepts students need to be successful. Course fee includes all the materials needed to pass the exam. Guaranteed!*



It’s Your Choice: Clearing a Path for Better Decision Making

What is the most commonly dreaded daily decision for most people? Oddly enough, it’s what to eat for dinner. The class approaches decision making from both the perspective of the individual and the collective, or how we actually make decisions based on personal influences versus how we ought to makes decisions based on desired outcomes. Participants in this course learn techniques for combatting decision fatigue, tools for streamlining prioritization, and strategies for developing a reputation for being an influential decision maker.



PM: A Brave New World

Hone real-world project management skills in this interactive course that uses a futuristic Old West scenario-based theme to immerse participants in the learning experience. Hands-on exercises challenge greenhorns and seasoned PMs alike and offer opportunities to apply the tools and techniques at the core of the class. Attendees benefit from the best practices imparted by veteran project managers who earned their spurs in varied industries and have the campfire stories to prove it.



Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Enhancing Your Strategic Thinking

People often struggle with trying to do more with less, constantly fire-fighting and spending time working to implement tactical solutions instead of looking at the Big Picture. This hands on, activity-driven course teaches participants how to challenge the status quo and push beyond the way things have always been done in route to developing a more innovative and strategic perspective.